DJI Introduces The Inspire 1 a $2,800 Transforming Drone

DJI just introduced a radical new model. The Inspire 1 builds upon the success of the Phantom and integrates some of the magic found in the firm’s professional-level drones

It get the ability to stream 1080p video up to a mile away and has a transforming design that provides an unobstructed 360-degree view for professional use. It transforms mid-flight, with the legs folding up after takeoff


The Inspire One app allows you to draw a route and see how closely your unit is following that path. DJI has brought autonomous way point navigation to the Phantom

DJI settled on a retail price of $2,800. That fits in between the roughly $1,000 Phantom and $7,000 S-1000.



Read more on DJI site

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13 November 2014